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Before the most important day arrives, the bride is start the quest of searching for the perfect wedding dress. She looks at hundreds of web pages & picture to find inspirations, set-up many appointments in different wedding shops and salons and spends a lot time and effort to find the perfect gown. And usually the result is rather poor. If the top of the dress is perfect, the skirt does not fit, or is from the wrong material. You love lace dresses but the dress you have selected is made mainly out of tulle and we would like to have more ethereal or more sumptuous skirt. Let?s add a belt or sash or more jewels & lace! In addition to that, you have select a beautiful dress, but in the end it turns out your no one else in the family likes it because that dress is simply not made for you and your figure, simply because there was no one competent and honest enough to tell that you will look much better in different dress. In the end instead of having pleasure from the most import day you are giving yourself months of stress, lack of sleep and a lot of frustration.


The new wedding collection, called Porto is unique. It was designed in a way to give you great flexibility when you look for your perfect dress. Created with numerous options and variants of clothing ? tops, skirts, linings and accessories that can be create a perfect wedding set, ideal for your needs. You can decide what materials you want to use, from lace chiffon, tulle, whether your dress have one, two or three layers and whether you prefer crystal white or mix-and-match colors. You can also select the accessories ? from different choices of stripes, sash, tops and skirts. Even though this is ready-made dress collection, you still can customize it to you needs and preferences.
In the traditional wedding shop, you would have to wait for such dress approximately half of a year while at my atelier
But remember you need to book your visit via email @ ( or contact page.
My goal was to give you the perfect wedding dress, designed only for, without stress, waiting, additional visits & constant changes. At my atelier you can choose the style you prefer and dreamt of. There are numerous combinations you can choose from but if you still have doubts I will help you by providing professional stylist feedback. I will help you in your choice and select for you the dress that will bring out the advantages of your figure and hide shortcomings. Once we find the perfect dress for you, I will make that dress within one day! You won?t need any additional tailoring or changes as this dress will be for you and you only!


Wedding dresses you are about to see are examples if sets available in my atelier. These are selected by me combinations of tops, skirts & belts, that can be mixed-and-match. Quoted prices are for the exact set only. In case of significant changes to the example set, the price may vary, as it depends on material, style and changes that need to be made.

suknia slubna porto 1 przod 2 2 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 1 “Porto” collection

Very feminine and airy, lace wedding dress for those brides who are not afraid to show off their desirability. The blous

suknia slubna porto 2 przod 2 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 2 “Porto” collection

Do you also love such lightness, girlishness, with a sensual note? This wedding dress is a combination of an extremely d

suknia slubna porto 3 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 3 “Porto” collection

If you are looking for something really different and interesting, then the Bride in this wedding dress should impress a

suknia slubna porto 4 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 4 “Porto” collection

This wedding dress is ideal for fans of the sleeves! If you’re looking for a wedding dress with character, you&#82

suknia slubna porto 5 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 5 “Porto” collection

A wedding dress ideal for women looking for a unique dress that will emphasize their femininity. And everything is uniqu

suknia slubna porto 6 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 6 “Porto” collection

Delightful classic with a fancy note 🙂 Wedding dress made of soft lace with a delicate, oriental pattern ideally suit

suknia slubna porto 7 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 7 “Porto” collection

Wedding dress with a special dedication for crazy boho fans. 🙂 If you love tassels, here you will find them almost ev

suknia slubna porto 8 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 8 “Porto” collection

Corset? Yes, but only in such a delicate boho – release 🙂 The proposal is ideal for future brides who love thei

suknia slubna porto 9 przod 2 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 9 “Porto” collection

Do you have a small bust and do not think you have anything to display? Error! So deeply cut the navel neckline will per

suknia slubna porto 10 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 10 “Porto” collection

A unique composition for women who like when their body perfectly shapes the corset, but at the same time appreciate the

suknia slubna porto 11 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 11 “Porto” collection

This wedding dress will work perfectly in all circumstances, regardless of whether your wedding will take place on the b

suknia slubna porto 12 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 12 “Porto” collection

The top of the dress has an original square neckline trimmed with a wide tape that beautifully exposes the collarbones.

suknia slubna porto 13 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 13 “Porto” collection

Deep neckline beautifully slender figure, emphasize neckline and shoulders and will add all sensuality and femininity. T

suknia slubna porto 14 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 14 “Porto” collection

This wedding dress is perfect for a figure with small breasts because without a bra it will stay in its place ?. Additio

lekka zwiewna suknia slubna porto 15 6 Wedding dress collection
Dress 15 “Porto” collection

If you like delicate, airy, subtle wedding dresses but at the same time you would like to look alluring and emphasize yo

suknia slubna porto 16 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 16 “Porto” collection

A wedding dress perfect for a romantic – modest, girly, charming, but absolutely not boring! It will enchant every

suknia slubna porto 17 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 17 “Porto” collection

A wedding dress made of lace with a dense floral pattern with a beautiful cut at the neckline. Magnificently slender tha

suknia slubna porto 18 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 18 “Porto” collection

A very romantic, airy wedding dress with a “princess” cut in which every future bride will look delightful.

suknia slubna porto 19 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 19 “Porto” collection

The dress is made entirely of lace with a very delicate but oriental pattern, which does not seem heavy and voluminous.

suknia slubna porto 20 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 20 “Porto” collection

A completely new look at the traditional wedding corset – there is no satin, taffeta, thick elastin … there

suknia slubna porto 21 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 21 “Porto” collection

The top of the dress is a delicate corset that will ideally shape the neckline and emphasize the waist. Thanks to the el

suknia slubna porto 22 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 22 “Porto” collection

Are you looking for a traditional fashion but are you afraid that you will look boring? This combination in the Porto co

suknia slubna porto 23 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 23 “Porto” collection

The blouse is made of a very interesting lace with a dense, original floral pattern. A skirt is a combination of several

suknia slubna porto 24 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 24 “Porto” collection

A very romantic and at the same time feminine wedding dress from the collection of Porto is a perfect offer for all love

suknia slubna porto 25 przod 2 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 25 “Porto” collection

If the romantic princess is close to your heart, the floral lace in combination with tulle with intertwining colors crea

suknia slubna porto 26 przod 1 Wedding dress collection
Dress 26 “Porto” collection

The top of the dress is a lace corset in a classic floral pattern. Airy bottom slightly contrasts with the apparent stif

suknia slubna porto 27 przod 2 Wedding dress collection
Dress 27 “Porto” collection

Strapless blouse and airy, foggy bottom is a perfect combination. The top of the dress is extremely light but it retains