Sew with fittings in the boutique

Suknie Boho  /  Sew with fittings in the boutique

Sewing your Wedding Dress in our Atelier with Prior Fitting.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately it is currently not possible to arrange fittings. Please contact us if you want to make an appointment immediately.

(Fitting costs 150 pln and it is deducted from the total price of the dress in case you decide to sew the dress with us.)

  • Before you decide to sew the dress with us, you can come over for fitting.
  • You will be assisted by our best consultants – stylists
  • when you decide for sewing a wedding dress, we will schedule a sewing date for you
  • Our consultants will take care that the dress is perfectly suited to you.


Keep in mind: WHEN YOU DECIDE FOR SEWING WITH PRIOR FITTINGS, THE WEDDING DRESS IS SEWN WITH OUR CONSULTANTS. It is also custom made, however not by the presence of the designer herself.


You cannot imagine sewing a wedding dress without prior fittings, sleeping on the idea or discussing it with your friends and family? Just send us an email via the contact formular and choose the topic: ‘I want to schedule fitting in the atelier‘. Kindly wait for our answer with the nearest possible date.

As our schedule is busy and the atelier is closed on weekends, we offer you the possibility of fittings on working days, usually between 12:00 and 1:00pm, 1:00pm and 2:00pm or 4:00 and 5:00pm. However, if any extra time slot comes up, we will let you know via email.

The dresses sewn with the designer  are usually created in 1 day. However, if you choose the option of fitting and sewing, please consider that they might be no one day sewing dates available and we will have to split the process in 2 or 3 days, day after day or with longer breaks. (This depends on the month and we agree that with you via email). The first fitting in the atelier takes one hour and it costs 150 pln. You can fit any number of dresses, but we advise you to trust the consultant’s experience and not to fit all dresses, but only those that will benefit your silhouette and beauty. Not every dress that looks good on the hanger or in the picture will add to your charm!

Take high heels, nude underwear (the color is not that important as the fact that the bra is a push-up, not a baconette or a sporty one. You can also bring your friend(s).

pracownia sukien slubnych 1 Sew with fittings in the boutique

During the fitting, we show you not only ready models of the wedding dresses, but also the alteration options – maybe you will fall in love with a certain cut, but you will not like the lace or the color of the lining, or maybe you want to change the sleeves or add a tulle… Anything is possible – this is the unique option among wedding dresses salons!

After the fitting, which takes one hour, we will be waiting for the email from you with the decision, whether you want to sew the dress in our atelier. If you have fallen in love with our designs, send us the email (preferably as the continuation of the previous conversation) with the information which dress you would be most likely to purchase and when you would like to sew it. We will answer you with the possible dates.

It might happen that we have got 1 day sewing dates available. In that case, you come to us around 10:00am on that day, we sew the dress together on that day and you leave the atelier with the ready dress on the same day. If there are no 1 day slots available anymore, you can come on one day to take measurements and to talk through the design and the other day to fit the darts and the length of your wedding dress.

szycie w salonie sukien ślubnych 2 Sew with fittings in the boutique
szycie w salonie sukien ślubnych 3 Sew with fittings in the boutique

Before scheduling an appointment, please watch the two following videos:

They perfectly show the atmosphere in our atelier and the process of choosing a wedding dress. They are mostly about sewing with our designer, but they also raise many threads useful for Brides who chose the option of sewing in the salon.