Custom made wedding dress no. 32


A short wedding dress, also ideal for other outings. Two layers of delicate lace make it incredibly feminine, subtle, romantic. The whole top of the dress is embroidered by hand from individual applications, thanks to which it perfectly takes on the shape of the bust without any visible seams. If you want to show your legs and you do not necessarily want to brag about your waist, this is the perfect solution for you 🙂

Custom made wedding dresses

Our wedding dresses from “custom made” category you can see here are custom designed and sewn, according to brides individual preferences, the silhouette and circumstances of her wedding. Therefore, in most cases, it is not possible to create an identical dress, however, we may be inspired of the dresses from the gallery, as well as brides’ inspirations. Read more about how we create our dresses and how the sewing process looks like on the site Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).