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See the most beautiful dresses from my wedding dresses collection and find something for yourself!
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My wedding dresses

Wedding dresses from my collections are designed to maintain their airiness and delicacy while they fit different women’s silhouettes. See the catalog of wedding dresses – I am sure you will find a dress of your dreams here.


My wedding dresses – catalogue

When I created my first designs under the Boho Dresses brand, all the wedding dresses that were made in my studio were absolutely unique. It had its advantages and disadvantages. I used materials that were scattered in various places, mainly recycled – including tablecloths and curtains. These were unique fabrics, and the creations that were created from them had a very specific climate, difficult to reproduce with new materials climate. From the perspective of clients, who have already sewn their beautiful wedding dresses, it was a huge plus. Unfortunately, subsequent ladies, inspired by photos of sewn dresses, were not delighted when I said that sewing an identical creation is impossible. As my company developed, I decided to buy new fabrics reflecting this retro climate, and when I started to notice some rules and regularities, I created the first repeatable patterns. I wanted to make it easier for clients to choose and introduce them to the models on which they could build, creating a vision of their perfect wedding dress. That’s how I started to create collections and collected my wedding dresses in a catalogue – you can see it in this tab.

Porto Wedding Dresses

My first collection, Porto, is not the usual collection you’ve seen in other salons. I designed it in such a way that all models of wedding dresses could be combined with each other in almost any way and created original combinations from them. Thanks to this innovative concept on the wedding market, every bride visiting my salon can feel like a designer and decide for herself what elements will be on her dream creation. I’ve created a unique solution that you won’t find in any other traditional wedding dress salon. In Porto there are beautiful wedding dresses – classic and created from a combination of tops and skirts. I did my best to make sure that the dress is for women who love simplicity and romanticism, as well as crazy souls, whose hearts are tearing towards weddings on the beach in the sunset. I have prepared propositions for brides who love long decorated outfits, as well as light and crazy, short wedding dresses. Porto is my first collection and it will always be special for me, but then came the time for a new…

Barcelona Collection

Another collection is Barcelona, which name derives from the Spanish capital. It is diverse, fairy-tale and delightful as the unusual city of the Iberian Peninsula to which it owes its name. Barcelona is eclectic and represents a beautiful combination of two unobvious elements: elegance and nature. The creation made of high quality natural materials will look beautiful during a wedding in the forest or on the beach. Creating these most fashionable wedding dresses, I tried to search for the best quality materials available on the market. To sew new projects I chose decorated tulles and soft Spanish lace, among others, made of cotton. Thanks to the use of lace from this raw material I gained another opportunity to give the dress a second life.  Whenever my brides despair that their beautiful wedding dresses are creations only for one evening I try to convince them that this is not the case at all. A few modifications are enough to give the wedding dress a new face and it can be successfully used for other occasions – family celebrations or even holidays. I try to make my projects universal, so I have unique information for you – the whole creation, after the wedding can be dyed in any color. Your wedding dress after the wedding can become a colorful proposition perfect for many other occasions.

The most fashionable wedding dresses, i.e. my collections

When I create new collections I always think about the needs of my lovely clients. During the meetings I listen very carefully to their opinions and try to get to know the needs of future brides, thanks to which I can create original tailor-made solutions, which are difficult to find on the Polish wedding market. I sew a variety of wedding dresses and prepare solutions ideal for women of different body shapes and types of beauty. I also adjust them to the individual tastes of the Bride, so in the gallery of my projects there are long and short wedding dresses, among them proposals for lovers of minimalism and more crazy models richly decorated with lace and tassels.  I believe that the most fashionable wedding dresses are not only outfits that appear every season on catwalks and in magazines, but also dresses made for the needs of heart, original and unconventional. I have always had my own style and liked unique things, which is why among my projects there are also such unique proposals as a wedding suit. This will certainly not change and I can already say that the next series, which I am working on, will surprise with the idea and form. I hope you can’t wait to see them as much as I do 😉

I invite you now to view the catalogue of my wedding dresses and get acquainted with collections that I have created so far.

suknie ślubne kolekcja barcelona Collections of wedding dresses

Barcelona collection, just like the Spanish capital, is diverse and enchanting. By creating this collection I wanted to show the variety of boho style, which as you can guess I love. This is how the collection of designs containing the most beautiful wedding dresses was created. Boho created by combining different styles has many faces and fits perfectly into different sceneries. Fashionable wedding dresses from my collection are perfect for weddings in various styles, especially rustic and vintage. The collection includes exclusive wedding dresses, made of the highest quality materials, including Spanish lace. Once you know that ecru wedding dress is definitely more flattering than white, and at the same time you love grandma’s beige lace, this Barcelona collection is just for you! I invite you to see this unusual collection, in which you will find among others an unconventional proposal for brave bride – a wedding suit.

suknie ślubne kolekcja porto Collections of wedding dresses

Porto is a unique collection, created for practical and demanding women. While preparing wedding dresses for this series, I was thinking about creating an innovative and unique concept, which the wedding market in Poland does not yet know. This is not an ordinary collection that you know from traditional salons. I designed it in a thoughtful way, so that individual elements can be combined, thus creating unique wedding dresses. In the Porto collection you will find both long and short wedding dresses, made of various materials in elastic lace and tulle. Innovative concept, giving the possibility of almost any combination of individual elements makes my atelier create not only beautiful wedding dresses, but also unique. You can feel like a designer and participate in the creation process of your dream wedding dress. In the gallery below you will find examples of combinations from which unique wedding dresses were created. Among the offers you will find the most fashionable wedding dresses and I really hope that you will choose something perfect for you.