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Powder pink wedding dresses

Powder pink wedding dresses are a proposal for brides who want to wear a unique color on their wedding day that defies wedding conventions.

The Venezia collection is a unique combination of feminine styles and a unique color. Wedding dresses in shades of pink, falling into a warm peach or heather tone were sewn from extremely soft materials ensuring full freedom of movement. You will find here, among others, richly decorated lace and delicate tulles with an unusual texture reminiscent of haze, which together create unconventional, fashion proposals. A unique addition is embroidered, decorative tapes that add elegance. Blush, or rather its unique powder shade reigning in the entire collection, is an option for brides looking for unique and unique solutions in wedding fashion.

An alternative to white wedding dresses – wedding dresses in powder pink

Pink wedding dresses available in the Venezia collection are for romantic souls who dream of presenting themselves on a wedding day with girlish charm. When designing theese dresses, I made sure that they emphasized and modeled the female silhouette, while attracting attention with form and refined details. Among the dresses, each bride will find the perfect fashion for herself, which will make her silhouette resemble the desired shape of an hourglass. In the collection you will find a Spanish style dress composed of two elements for brides who want to display their figure, body-matching models sensually revealing their backs, a dress with sleeves that slender shoulders, or the original princess beautifully emphasizing the waist. It is sensual, girlish, unconventional, which is perfect! Pink wedding dresses will delight you.

Venezia powder pink wedding dresses are perfect for any figure

Powder pink wedding dresses are very facial and easily adapt to various complexions and types of beauty. They will make your skin look healthy and radiant. The dresses from the Venezia collection are also true charmers – thanks to the proper arrangement of lines and cut-outs, pink wedding dresses will perfectly highlight the figure – they will emphasize all its advantages and mask imperfections.

If you dream about unusual designs that will surprise all guests, and at the same time about a dress that will be comfortable, you will definitely fall in love with this unique wedding collection. Pink dresses, thanks to the combination of patterns and textures, are unique and practical – just a few changes are enough to make them perfect for many other celebrations after the wedding.

Venezia a unique city, unique wedding dresses

Where did the idea for the collection name come from? Individual lines owe their names to unique places on the world map. Venezia, containing wedding dresses in powder pink, refers to the specificity of the Italian city. After all, Venice is described as one of the most romantic cities. Although peach wedding dresses bring warmth and associations to the summer, wedding dresses from the collection will be great for every season of the year and work well with different styles of celebration.

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