Sew your dress with the designer in one day

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Sewing your wedding dress in 1 day

You can design your dream wedding dress with our stylists basing on our designs! Keep in mind that there is no possibility to do fittings before the sewing day of your wedding dress. This does not mean that there is no fitting at all! On the sewing day you try on the cuts that fit you the best together with us, and you can decide which outfit you feel the best in or which one will be the base model to create your dream dress.

The most important thing in this variant is that you trust our stylists! Over the years, working with fashion and women, we have gained a huge experience and she is not afraid of any shape. You can have a huge bust, be 140 cm tall, have the uncommon body shape, or suffer from spina bifida. We will create your bespoke dress which is perfect just for you.

To schedule sewing with the designer, please send an email via a contact form. We will find a date for you for sewing in one day without fittings possible before that day.

Please, describe the style that you like the most in the email sent to us. For example, some people like fringes, others delicate patterns on the lace and frills. You can also attach pictures with the inspirations of the dresses that you like the most. Also, let us know how much you would like to spend on the dress – this will help us find the accurate date, as more expensive dresses are more complicated and they require more sewing time. Then, kindly wait for our answer with the possible meeting dates.

We don’t work on weekends. Fridays and Mondays are usually most occupied days, but we will try to find a convenient date for you.

pracownia sukien slubnych 2 Sew your dress with the designer in one day

This is what a sewing day looks like:

  • You come to the atelier on the scheduled day at around 10 am (we schedule this via emails a few days before sewing) with the shoes you will wear on the ceremony and in the nude underwear. You can alternatively wear any underwear you have got and you can buy something better on the lunch break!
  • You fit various types of dresses with me and we either fall in love in one of them or we get creative with changing the lining colors, sleeves, adding / removing fringes, tulles etc. So that we can visualise the dress which is ideal for you.
  • I take your measurements and we set up the hour of the next fitting, which is usually 4 hours later.
  • On the next fitting we fit the darts and alternatively we fix other details.
  • We set up the time of the final fitting (usually 2 hours later)

We tailor the length of the dress and after around 30-60 minutes you leave the atelier with your ready bespoke wedding dress made in 1 day!

przymiarki sukni ślubnej Sew your dress with the designer in one day

Before you book a visit,  you should necessarily watch those 2 moves!

They vividly show the atmosphere in our atelier, the designer and the process of sewing a wedding dress in 1 day. You will also find valuable tips there! Enjoy watching and see you soon!

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