Boho style wedding dresses, which I designed for my clients in professional photographers' lenses during outdoor and not only sessions. See and get inspired!
Suknie Boho  /  Lookbook

The Boho Dresses lookbook

Lookbook – wedding dresses in focus

The lookbook below is my dresses in the lens of professional photographers. Some of them were made to order, others are models from my collections, which you can find on the website. In the pictures you will also see unique works that you will not find on any of the subpages, so I strongly encourage you to browse the entire gallery. With these photographs, it’s easier to imagine how your wedding dress may look like during a ceremony in various places. See how a short wedding dress looks like against a beautiful beach located on the seashore. Look for something for yourself, looking at the session with tulle creation adorned with lace details in a completely different edition – in the elegant interiors of the hotel hall. You will also find a lot of inspiration here and maybe you can include them in your stylization. Hairstyles, accessories or flowers that you find here perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a rustic, vintage or wedding wedding outdoors.

Fashionable wedding dresses

Boho style wedding dresses are very popular among brides. However, my designs match not only this style. Creating this diverse gallery, I wanted to show you how the changing face can have models that I sew. Just a small addition, for example, a fleshy lining, to boldly cut a dress made of transparent materials, change in a suitable for a traditional wedding in the church. Thanks to this, you’ll get a dress that fits the place, and the layered lace on the lining will additionally emphasize the delicate lace pattern. By reviewing the photos, you’ll find that my seemingly simple wedding dresses are timeless and perfectly suited to any environment.

A wedding in a barn or orangery

I am really happy that the palace-style weddings are no longer dominant. Fashionable wedding dresses are no longer just a huge princess with a stiff corset. I smile at the thought that future brides are looking for something individual – a project that reflects their character and sense of beauty. What they want is often far from exaggerated glitz to which we are accustomed. The delicacy and praise of femininity crept into wedding fashion, and I hear more and more often from clients’ mouths – I dream of a simple wedding dress! “. Places chosen by Young Couples for a wedding also emanate this extraordinary freshness and refer to Polish traditions. It is accompanied by the feeling that I have my contribution in this process and that changes take place with my participation. When designing wedding dresses, I try to combine what is beautiful and at the same time natural with elements considered to belong to a classic wedding. Therefore, if you want to have a rustic or boho style wedding, but since you were a child you would look like a princess, believe that it really can be reconciled. It’s my head to make you happy!

Boho style wedding dresses are light and delicate

In the photos you will see in a moment, the lightness and airiness of the dress is perfectly captured. They harmonize beautifully with the body in motion and perfectly move with the gust of wind, which constantly awakens my clients’ delight. Pay attention to the multitude of calculate the style of boho! Variety of materials and the play of colors. The dress with a subdued shade is enlivened by beautiful red heels with exposed toes. The puffed sleeves of the other are decorated with a colorful fabric whose dominant color is fuchsia, seemingly not suited for wedding stylization. Living flowers, intense colors, various shoes and hats – an individual feature of character is visible in every element, because for me, boho is not only fashion, but the whole philosophy of life 😊 Sometimes enough is enough to make a simple, classic dress, giving the appearance of the right choice for a modest girl, make a creation perfect for a crazy, liberated woman. One who wades his ankles in the water with his hair spilled, immediately goes to the beach and in a short wedding dress will marry on the shores of the roaring sea. It is very important to be aware of the influence of accessories on the overall styling during sewing!

All thanks to additions

Just a loose hairstyle, a bouquet of wild flowers that look like those collected in the field during summer walks, a colorful wreath in the hair and large, colorful jewelry, to make a simple wedding dress look like a work of art! There are many possibilities – when we dress a seemingly loose, airy creation with an unconventional form to the classic white stilettos, and the hair is drunk tightly in a high coca, we will create a completely different image. When we add a long train and a traditional wedding bouquet to the whole, we will gain an original character, which can be described as a variation on the subject of classics. You see how many possibilities there are! For me, a wedding dress and lace are a perfect combination, but your perfect duo can be completely different. Search, watch and inspire yourself with beautiful photos taken in great places and make visions about your ideal creation 😊

Boho style wedding dresses

Fashionable boho style wedding dresses

I do not like the phrase “fashion for boho”. For me, it’s just a lifestyle – freedom and awareness of my needs and willingness to follow my own heart. Boho style wedding dresses are not only the current trend, but also an expression of love for unique things with soul and character. It is wonderful that this style can not be closed in a few words. Boho was born as an absolute mix of trends in which everyone will find something for themselves. It does not matter if you like the short wedding dress made of pieces of materials, or maybe a simple wedding dress made entirely of delicate lace, in this style you will surely find something for yourself. My clients have different needs, which is why the scope of projects is very wide. I hope that in the gallery above you found the creation, it accelerated the beat of your heart. If not, I invite you to look at other subpages where you can find other creations. Also visit the gallery with individual projects and the tab with my first collection called Porto.

What characterizes the boho style?

Boho style wedding dresses escape the patterns. It’s hard to close them in a rigid frame and say, for example, that you can not use tulle with them. It’s not true! Boho is what you want it to be. It’s looseness and controlled disorder, the aim of which is to strive for the greatest freedom and naturalness. If your choice is a simple wedding dress without ornaments – wonderful! However, if you prefer a more decorative creation, we can add to it add sensual lace or shiny sequins and we will remain in the eclectic boho style! That’s great, right? Although it is difficult here for any rules, if I were to indicate the determinants of this style, its characteristics, it would certainly be: flowery lace, patterns, fabrics with distinctive colors and textures, valance, tassels and puffs. You can find all these elements in my projects. You must also know that, apart from the beauty, I value comfort. I make sure that the fabrics used for sewing wedding dresses are soft and comfortable to wear. Every Bride wants to feel special in her Great Day, and it would be extremely difficult in a clumsy, uncomfortable dress.

Boho style wedding dresses in my lookbook

A short wedding dress in a delicate shade of pink or a sophisticated creation created from the combination of various materials are just two of the many proposals that I presented to you. My projects are diverse. They impress all guests and look beautiful against all scenery. Regardless of whether you want to get married on the shores of the blue sea or in a barn filled with hay, I guarantee you – we will create a creation that suits the place of the ceremony. I love this flexibility and the fact that everyone will find something for themselves in this diversity. I also try to make my projects as personalized as possible – the play of colors and textures additionally emphasizes the unique character of my wonderful Bride, one of the most important people on this important day. The entire theme of the wedding should be steeped in the elements of the character of Paris, and especially their stylizations should perfectly match their personality. To feel good, they have to be dressed, not dressed up! I have to tell you something else – boho style wedding dresses are changeable. Just like women! All you need is just a few additions to make the creation a whole new character. There are not two identical clients, so you will not find two identical creations among my projects. I want you to know one more thing. Although I am a creative soul, I also have a very practical approach – I create a dress for you that you can still set up for many happy occasions!

Custom tailored wedding dress

It’s your day, so you must feel special in it! Fashionable wedding dresses located in the salons are very similar to each other and sometimes it is difficult to find in them. Here I create solutions suitable for the needs of a given person. When you want to hide some imperfections of the figure, we will use the outputs that will make it possible and make you look beautiful. Together, we’ll choose the perfect cut for you. In the whole creation process, the client is the most important for me. Her character and feelings as well as comfort. To provide the latter, I choose soft materials and pay attention so that they are not easily crumpling. Thanks to this, without any worries, you can put your dress in a suitcase and rush to a foreign island to say a sacramental “yes” there.

A wedding on an island or in a forest

As you probably noticed when looking at the lookbok, my clients were married in different corners of our globe. Part of this exotic was captured in the pictures. My dresses are sometimes with Young Bride in forests, jungles, parks, over seas and oceans. When I’m necking with my client, I run my thoughts to the place where my project will be this time. Can there be something more beautiful than realizing your passion and at the same time giving happiness to others by sewing a unique creation, for example a wedding dress with a lace?