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Boho style wedding dresses, which I designed for my clients in professional photographers’ lenses during outdoor and not only sessions. See and get inspired!

The lookbook

Lookbook – wedding dresses in the camera

Lookbook below presents my dresses in the camera of professional photographers. Some of them have been created to order; others are models from my collections, which you will find on the website. On photos you will also see unique works, which you will not find on any of subpages, and therefore I strongly encourage you to review the whole gallery. Thanks to these photos you will be able to imagine how your wedding dress may look like during the ceremony in various places. See how a short wedding dress looks like on the background of a beautiful beach located on the sea shore. Look for something for yourself by checking out the session with tulle creation adorned with lace details in a completely different edition – in the elegant interiors of the hotel hall.  You’ll also find plenty of inspiration here and you may want to include it in your style. All hairstyles, accessories or flowers, which you will find here, perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a rustic wedding, vintage or open-air wedding.

Fashionable wedding dresses

Boho style wedding dresses are very popular among bride. But my designs don’t just fit this style. By creating this diverse gallery, I wanted to show you how variable face can have models, which I sew. A small addition, such as a flesh-colored lining, is enough to turn a bravely cut out dress made of transparent materials into a dress suitable for traditional wedding in church. Thanks to this you will get a creation matching the place, and the layered arrangement of lace on the lining will additionally emphasize the delicate pattern of lace ? Reviewing the photos you will see for yourself that my seemingly simple wedding dresses are timeless and fit perfectly in any surrounding

Wedding in a barn or an orangery

I’m really happy that the palace style weddings are no longer dominant. Fashionable wedding dresses are not only huge princesses with rigid corset. I smile at the thought that future brides are looking for something individual – a project that reflects their character and sense of beauty. What they want is often far from the exaggerated glitter to which we are accustomed. Delicacy and praise of femininity crept into the wedding fashion, and I hear more and more often from clients’ lips “I dream of a simple wedding dress!”. The places chosen by Young Couples for the wedding day also emanate this extraordinary freshness and refer to polish traditions. I feel that I have contributed to this process and that changes are taking place with my participation. When designing wedding dresses I try to combine what is beautiful and at the same time natural with elements considered to belong to the classic wedding. Therefore, if you want to have a rustic or boho style wedding, but since you were a child you have dreamt of looking like a princess, believe that it’s really reconcilable. Well, it’s my job to make you feel satisfied!

Boho style wedding dresses are lightness and delicacy

In the photos that you will see in a moment, the lightness of dress is perfectly captured. Beautifully harmonize with the body in motion a perfectly arranged by the wind, which constantly arouses the admiration of my clients. Pay attention to the multitude of faces of the boho style! It has variety of textures, materials and colors. Dress in a subdued shade is enlivened by beautiful red pins with open fingers. Buffy sleeves of another are adorned with colorful fabric, the dominant color of which is fuchsia, seemingly not suitable for wedding stylization. Lively flowers, intense colors, various shoes and hats – the individual character trait is visible in every element, because for me boho is not only fashion, but the whole philosophy of life ? Sometimes it is enough to make a perfect creation for a crazy, liberated woman out of a simple, classic dress, which creates the appearance of the right choice for a modest girl. A woman who wading to the ankles in water with her hair blown away, will immediately enter the beach and in a short wedding dress will take a wedding on the shore of boisterous sea. It’s very important to be aware of the impact of accessories on the overall look when sewing!

All thanks to accessories

A loose haircut, a bouquet of wild flowers like those gathered on the field during summer walks, a colorful garland in your hair and large, colorful jewelry are all it takes for a simple wedding dress to look like a work of art! There are many possibilities – when we dress seemingly loose, light outfit of unconventional form for classic white pins, and heat up the hair tightly in a high chignon, we will create a completely different image. When we add to the whole a long train and a traditional wedding bouquet we will gain an original character, which can be described as a variation on the classic. You can see for yourself how many possibilities there are! For me, a wedding dress and lace is a perfect combination, but your perfect duo can be completely different. Search, watch and be inspired by beautiful photos taken in great places and create visions of your perfect creation ?

Enjoy viewing!

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