Custom made wedding dresses

Here are wedding dresses that you will not find anywhere else. These are extraordinary designs, lace wedding dresses created for brides. These are unique dresses, but maybe they will be a source of inspiration for your wedding dress?
Suknie Boho  /  Custom made wedding dresses

Individual wedding dresses

Unique wedding dresses

Wedding is one of the most important days in every woman’s life, and its vision many of us create in minds from an early age. We imagine a beautiful ballroom, a wonderful partner who will soon become our husband and me in a beautiful wedding dress. It is understandable that each of us wants to look exceptional, unique and beautiful. For this reason, we spend a lot of time looking for our dream dress in the wedding salons, where we will theoretically find propositions dedicated to each style: from chic glamour, to wedding dresses in the boho style. But don’t you have the impression that all these creations are actually the same? Do you feel that your dream wedding dress exists only in fairy tale pictures on the Internet and is absolutely impossible to buy in the real world? I understand this well. For years I have been listening to similar lamentations from my friends and now also clients. However, I have good news. If you are looking for a unique creation that will be created and sewn only for you, and at the same time will be extremely feminine and comfortable – it is great that you have come to me!

Custom-made wedding dresses

I sew wedding dresses that fit perfectly to the body, taste and character, but I also choose solutions that meet the circumstances of wedding, ceremony or other celebration, for which you need a creation. When you cross the threshold of my studio during those several hours I want to get to know you well. The wedding dress, created in the atelier, will be unique and will be created only for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know which model is best. Based on my many years of styling experience, I’ll help you choose a cut that emphasizes what you’d like to expose and hide elements of your silhouette that you’d prefer not to see. You will also be able to use these tips for everyday hairstyles. I will gladly advise you how to choose a creation for the style of a wedding. I create not only boho-style wedding dresses and rustic wedding dresses, ideally suited to weddings in the outdoors, but also those stylized on vintage. I will tell you how to reconcile seemingly impossible dilemmas. For example, I will advise you what to do when you want to show your back, but you can’t imagine wearing a wedding dress without a bra, or vice versa – what solution to use when you absolutely don’t want to wear it that day. I assure you that it is possible to reconcile both of them ? I will also show you which lace, textures and colors best suit your type of beauty, and most importantly, in the whole process, you will have an influence on every centimeter of your dress. All decisions on attaching, adding fringes and lace will be made together, because…

I will sew your wedding dress on you!

This way you can be sure that the dress, which I will create for you, will meet your expectations. This unique, individual project will reflect your dreams, desires and personality. If you love boho-style wedding dresses, don’t force yourself to choose a different trend just because it’s popular – you don’t have to adjust to the current fashion or established schemes. You can be fully yourself and have a dress perfectly suited to your needs. If you already have in your head an image of your dream creation, but remember – each of us is different. Even if a wedding dress looks good on a model, it does not mean that it will be perfect for you too. Look for inspiration, save photos of everything you like (fancy necklines, decorative sleeves, long workouts and unusual lace), and I’ll put it together and match it for you. During the meeting I will devote all my attention to you! I will listen to your needs, expectations and concerns and I will make sure that you feel cared for. Together we will create something really special. All you have to do is devote one day to me, which we will spend together, and in the evening you will go out with a ready-made dress ?

Wedding dresses from the gallery below

These are individual wedding dresses, which were created on special order for wonderful clients who visited the studio. My brides got married in various places not only in Poland, but also in the world, hence the variety of styles. Among them are rustic wedding dresses and those that fit more to the style of boho and vintage. Some of them may inspire you. Who knows, maybe they will become a starting point for creating an individual design especially for you, or maybe you will find the only one of your dreams among the presented designs! ? I hope you will like the gallery. Prices of individual sewing services start from 5 thousand zlotys, but if you have a smaller budget, do not worry. In my offer there are also projects below this price. Take a look at the set of ready-made patterns that you can mix and combine. Wedding dresses from the Collection are available for a lower amount. They are also created with your participation; I sew them together with you and on you. I created them to provide you with additional ideas and inspiration. You can see these dresses on the Collections page.