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I create wedding gowns not for myself. Here is a gallery of some of my wonderful clients. See how they look in their most beautiful days in my wedding dresses.
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My brides wedding dresses

Have you already found your wedding dress?

After seeing the gallery of custom-made wedding dresses and the catalogue with my collection you still have doubts? Are you not sure if they are suitable for you or if they will fit your wedding circumstances? It’s important to see how they looked like on my wonderful clients! In the photos you can see them in a traditional surrounding: in the palace and in elegant interiors of ballrooms, as well as in a more alternative version: during a rustic wedding in the forest or on a hot beach. See how my dresses look like on ordinary women like you and me. Regardless of whether I create simple wedding dresses or with a complex form, I always make sure that they are fitted and emphasize the feminine beauty. The wedding dress should look beautiful on the person and not just on the hanger! Each of creations is different and I prepared each one especially for the bride from the photo. During sewing together, we created dresses that speak not only about what my clients like in fashion, but also what women they are.

My wonderful Brides

I have said it hundreds of times and I will repeat it again – I did not think that there are so many wonderful women in the world! Every time a new client enters my studio, I wonder what history she hides and I feel excited by the very thought of what is ahead ? Everyone is different, every beauty – although most remain completely unaware of their advantages and see only disadvantages! Some prefer wedding dresses with lace, others with tulle. Some of them know exactly what they want, others have no idea! I have clients who try different wedding dresses in salons for months to finally reach me. Others don’t even try to look, because they have their dream outfit designed in the head and they only need someone who will pour their ideas into the fabric and create a wedding dress out of them. They know that I will do it, so they come and speak openly about their needs. I met ladies from the entrance focused on simple and classic wedding dresses, and after a moment of conversation with them already know that in fact in their soul plays an unruly boho, which they just fear! There are also brides fully relaxed – believe it or not, but they would love to get married in a crochet bikini! ? Despite the differences in character, they have one thing in common: all my clients are absolutely wonderful! Regardless of whether they are shy and distanced, or from the entrance they feel like a good friend in my salon, with many of them in one day I make friendships for years to come!

A lace wedding dress or maybe a tulle one? What can I offer you?

All of them are amazing and… they want to look beautiful on their wedding day! Sometimes it’s a long planned glamorous wedding for over a hundred guests, with a solemn ceremony in church, sometimes a spontaneous wedding in Bali. Sometimes a rustic wedding in a wooden barn, and sometimes an occasion to buy a great dress is simply the wedding anniversary. The dream of many ladies is a sensual, lace wedding dress, which you can see in photos – most dresses have lace accents in them. They are timeless and with great pleasure I use them both as decorating elements, as well as for the whole creation. I choose only the soft and comfortable ones, so that your wedding dress is practical and you will feel comfortable wearing it. Although I personally love lace, I can also offer you other fabrics. During the meeting I will get to know your needs and expectations, and together we will choose the best materials.

Wedding dress tailored to the woman

I always try to get to know my client as best as possible, so that the wedding dress I sew for her reflects her character! The process of sewing the dress takes place on the client, thanks to which she has full control over every centimeter and detail of her dream creation.
From the perspective of time, when I look at photos of my wonderful bride, I can say that by the dress itself you can get to know what women my clients are. They are liberated, sensual, elegant, focused on comfort, and above all following the voice of heart, not the prevailing fashion. If you decide to sew your dress with me, I guarantee you that it will be a unique experience. The very process of creation is extremely exciting, because you can decide on any element that will be present on your dress, and I will be there with you to provide with advice, support and nice company throughout the day of sewing together ? In my studio, according to your preferences, both simple and more complex wedding dresses are made, so no matter what creations you prefer, I believe that together we will choose something suitable for you. I hope that the recommendations of my great clients will make you convince to my projects and decide to cooperate with me. I guarantee you that in my salon you will feel at ease as if you were meeting a close friend ?