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I’ve said it hundreds of times and I will say it again. I did not think there were so many wonderful women in the world! Every time my new bride enters my studio, I wonder what wonderful will happen this time. Every woman is different, every is beauty, although most of them are unaware of her advantages! Some women know exactly what they want, others have no idea! Some try different dresses in the shops for months to finally hit me, others do not even try to search because they have dream dress in their heads! Sometimes they are conservative, classic, then I need to open them a little bit on the boho style.Other extremely open, they would most likely go to the wedding in crocheted bikini! Some of them are shy, slowly breaking barriers, the other are a positive mad girls with whom we become friends during a single day! One thing is a fact they are all amazing and they all want to look beautiful on their wedding day! Sometimes it is a long-planned church wedding, sometimes a spontaneous wedding in Bali, sometimes a wedding in a barn, and sometimes just a wedding anniversary. Regardless of the circumstances, I always try my best to get to know my client, to make the dress that will reflect her character! Looking at their photos from the wedding, I can say that you can knew my client looking at her dress. If you decide to make your dress with me, I guarantee you an unique creation experience, nice company and long hours of conversation all day. I hope the recommendations of my wonderful clients will convince you that you will feel comfortable and the dress will give you full satisfaction!